Live Swarm and Honeybee Hive Removal and Relocation

Call or email for live honeybee or swarm removal and relocation. I remove and relocate honeybees and re-home them into urban apiaries all around NE Los Angeles. If you have a beehive in a wall, floor, birdhouse, fence, garage, shed, BBQ, compost bin, etc and would like them removed gently and well cared for afterwards, give me a text or call. The bees will be moved an urban bee sanctuaries where they are rehabilitated and looked after for them for the rest of their lives. *

*Once the bees are removed any wall or structure repairs are the responsibility of the homewoner. We do not do repairs, we are beekeepers.


*MARCH SWARM RESCUE SPECIAL $100! (NELA - Atwater Village, Cypress Park, Eagle Rock, El Serreno, Garvanza, Glassell Park, Highland Park, Hermon, Lincoln Heights, Montecito Heights, and Mount Washington and others.) *
Swarm must be at a height less than 8 feet from ground and located in NE Los Angeles for special pricing. In order to qualify as a swarm, the bees must not have already moved inside a cavity or have built any comb.

Things to ask when getting a bee removal quote:
Where will the bees be kept after the removal?
Will you look after the bees or do you give them to someone else?
Will you kill the queen?
Do you give the bees all the honeycomb back that contains their food and babies?
Will the bees be kept locally?
What kind of beekeeping treatments do you practice?

Get relocated hive updates via Instagram @wildlinghoney

Past Customers: Refer a friend for a live bee relocation and get free honey or beeswax apothecary (while supplies allow). Must notify me of referral.

No kill Bee Removal, swarm and beehive relocation.

Each bee removal is different, so please call us for a free quote.

Currently saving bees all over Los Angeles.