Bee a Host

Studies have shown that adding bees to your garden transforms the biodiversity and microclimate.You will see new birds, animals and plants species pop up like never before. Overtime you will see the area transform.

Beehives fill the air with the sweet, intoxicating aroma of "bee air". Components of honey, bee pollen, beeswax and bee propolis are released into the air. This is how bees create unique beehive air. Bee air has be used for centuries as air therapy.

If you are interested in hosting beehives on your property, please contact me. We do require the lot size to be larger than average, somewhere close to 1/4 acre or more. There is no fee to the host, we do all the work and the benefits are better pollination for your plants, a biodiverse garden, seasonal honey and the feel good of helping our urban bee populations.

Call or email us to discuss your options and schedule a site visit.7D03BD17-435D-402F-B297-E6A016F93E2C