First let me thank you for your consideration to purchase my honey. All of the bees I care for are rescues from around Northeast Los Angeles. The proceeds from honey & product sales go right back into housing for these bees.

2023 Honey is here!!!

$20 per 1lb jar of honey

Los Feliz Light - A single sourced honey from an apiary located on a gorgeous Los Feliz hillside. The hives are surrounded by a variety of fruit trees like; Sapote, Loquat, and Avocado. This honey is light and delicious in flavor, light in color and is super sweet with a wondrous balance of urban florals with tropical notes like passion fruit and guava.

SOLD OUT Eagle Rock Gold - A single sourced golden honey from backyard hives in the heart of Eagle Rock. This honey has a good balance of our local and loved urban florals & fruits. The hives are surrounded by; guava, wild fennel, fig, persimmon, sunflower and a variety of citrus fruit trees. The finish is very sweet and delicious. A perfectly balanced honey.

ALMOST GONE Highland Park Amber - This honey is more amber in color and feels medicinal on the tongue with a better than a Ricola finish. Backyard harvested from a native plant garden in Highland Park that includes; sage, cactus, eucalyptus and buckwheat. If you are looking for a honey that feels healing and medicinal try this one.

Glassell Park Gold - This apiary is as native as it gets in L.A. A generous apiary located on a hillside in the heart of Glassell Park. A beautilful golden honey bursting with urban florals, kissed with a touch of Glassell Park's hilly natives such as Elderberry, Laurel Sumac, Buckwheat and wild Mallow. The first note is sweet and smooth, with a tingle of some herb on the finish.

Montecito Heights Gold - A generous apiary on a hilltop in the heart of Montecito Heights. This apiary was established a few years ago and it has been touch and go getting bees to survive up there. Drought, invasive ants and lack of forage have been our main challenges, but I am happy we have relocated the perfect bees to Montecito Heights, and we have some very delicious precious honey to share. The apiary is surrounded by natives like elderberry, sage, buckwheat and eucalyptus, plus a cornucopia of backyard fruit trees and garden florals. This honey is superb in flavor. Delicious on the tongue and perfectly balanced.

Local pick up or delivery only. Text, Email or PM to order.

Honey is harvested locally around Northeast Los Angeles from backyard hives and sold seasonally. All bees are rescued bees from around NELA. I typically harvest honey in late August or September. I do not harvest more honey than what is honorable to the bees. It is common for beekeepers to intentionally over harvest honey or to move bees away from their pollen and nectar sources resulting in the requirement to have to supplement the bees food supply with artificial man-made pollen and simple syrup aka sugar water. Being a smaller scale backyard beekeeper means my bees are 100% treatment-free and the honey they produce is 100% bee foraged nectar, unadulterated honey. Treatment-free beekeeping means I do not put any harsh chemicals in the hive and on the bees for mite prevention and I don't force the bees to build honeycomb on plastic honeycomb foundation. I allow the bees to develop their own resistance and hygiene habits to resist disease and parasites like the Varroa Mite. Building their own comb also means more beneficial bacteria for the brood (baby bees), adult bees and the honey. Healthy, Happy bees.
To honor the bees, each apiary location is harvested and bottled individually. I get a range of unique colors and complex flavors.
Thank you for supporting your local beekeepers!