Crystallized Honey

Did you know that the purity of raw honey is in the crystallization? All pure raw honey will crystallize eventually.

Processed honey goes through a filtering and extreme heat process that removes all the health benefits of raw honey, but it will make the honey not crystallize. It could still be labeled pure honey, but it is missing the benefits of raw unprocessed honey.

Crystallization is a process in which sugar crystals will grow, this will make the honey cloudy and possibly turn into a solid. Depending on what flowers the bees have foraged also effects crystallization, it can increase or decreases the amount of crystallization that will happen in the honey. Some honeys will be gooey and chunky and some more solid. The more pollen and wax in the raw honey the more likely it will crystallize. Eating bits of wax and pollen in your honey has so many health benefits.

Getting honey back to its gooey self is as easy as placing the jar in warm sunlight for a day or giving it a hot water bath. Store honey in warm places to slow the crystallization process, but dont worry you can always gently warm the honey up and it will be just as good and just as gooey.

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